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The RUCK SYSTEM® was first introduced in 1977. RUCK denitrification (nitrogen removal) treatment systems service domestic dwellings, commercial and industrial sites. Ruck A units were developed to increase the surface area at the biomat interface and/or to prefilter prior to the Infiltration Surface in sand filters and leach fields.

ACCORDIONS can be used in all standard configurations:

  1. Fill and inground installations
  2. Level or sloped topography
  3. Trench layouts
  4. DBox, serial or dosing distribution methods

RUCK SYSTEMS® is actively pursuing product research and development in on-site systems. The design and installation manual must be used in conjunction with the current code.

We are available to assist you with specific design problems. We can review your designs prior to submission for approval. Ruck A Units can be purchased via phone, fax or by writing to us and will be shipped by UPS COD, or may be picked up at our plant in Connecticut.

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