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Assembly Guide

Ruck A Unit Assembly Guide
Download and Printable guides:
Assembly-Guide.doc (pre 2003 Microsoft Word)
Assembly-Guide.docx (2007+ Microsoft Word)
Assembly-Guide.pdf (Adobe PDF)
the 4 main pieces of the ruck a unit
Above are the four main pieces of the Ruck A unit.
(1) piece of specialized fabric
(1) 2″ SCH 40 PVC Pipe
(1) 2″ SCH 40 PVC T-Pipe
(1) Fabric covered A-fin
special fabric for the ruck a septic system
Above is the specialized fabric.
ruck a fabric
We recommend folding the fabric in half.
ruck a cut fabric
Then cut an approximately 2 inch wide semicircle in the fabric.
cut ruck a unit fabric
Unfold the fabric to reveal an approximately 2 inch circle.
2 inch ruck a unit pipe
Above is the SCH 40 PVC pipe.
2 inch cut pipe
Above you can see the cut pipe necessary for assembly.
We recommend using a drill press to create the initial hole and then cutting out the end.

2 inch t pipe for Ruck a unit
Above is the 2 inch t-pipe necessary for assembly.
Two ruck A pieces
Above are the two pipes before assembly.
Assembled Pipes for the Ruck A unit
Simply twist the two pipes together as shown above.
View from underneath the fabric
Now slide the cut fabric onto the 2 inch cut pipe.
The combined fabric and pipes
Above is how the fabric looks once placed onto the combined pipes.
Standing image of the combined pipes and fabric
Your combined piece should now look like the above picture.
A fin for Ruck A unit
Next you must cut a 3 inch by 3 inch cut into the covered A fin like shown above.
Covered pieces of Ruck A system
Your two main pieces should look like above.
Next slide the pipes into the covered A fin.
Be sure that the fabric of the A fin covers the pipes.
Pipe placed for Ruck A system
Above is a picture of the pipes placed into the A fin.
Assembled image of the Ruck A unite
Your combined pieces should resemble the picture above.
*Note the pipes are within the fabric of the bottom piece.
Ruck A unit assembled
Now fold the top fabric over the bottom piece.

Ruck A unit Assembly Guide
Your assembled product should now resemble the completed piece above.
Please remember not to glue any pieces!
The T-Pipe may need to be adjusted to fit your field and thus flexibility is needed in the pieces.