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Nitrogen & Phosphorus Removal & Prefiltering Leach Field


  • US PAT 5951203

About the RUCK “A”

  • Unit R1032C is used for leaching fields
  • Unit R1032F is used on sand filter surface

The RUCK Accordion system is a cost effective, treatment-based upgrade from conventional stone and other leach field systems. The Accordion system is based upon proven enhancements. Evapotranspiration, oxygen transfer, biotextile prefiltration and controlled soil loading. The RUCK Accordion leach fields are designed to operate indefinitely, not a half life of 25 years as with other systems. The soil directly below the sand and accordion module develops only a minor secondary biomat layer. The result is a greater long term infiltration capacity. (See our Manual for a list of published references.)

ACCORDIONS can be used in all standard configurations:

  • Fill and in-ground installations
  • Level or sloped topography
  • Trench layouts
  • D-Box, serial or dosing distribution methods

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Advantages of RUCK ACCORDION System

  1. Ruck accordion fields are designed to last indefinitely. They are based on long term acceptance rates (LTAR) of the Bio-Mat fabric and the site, not the 15-30 year half life of conventional systems.
  2. Ruck accordions are cost efficient.
  3. Failure of soil interface is minimized because primary biomat layer forms inside the fabric.
  4. Effluent infiltrates into the soil beneath after being filtered through fabric and 6″ of sand.
  5. Accordions provide better protection of ground water because of fabric and 6″ of sand filtration prior to parent soil treatment. Unlike other systems, accordions do not permit high static heads that push the pollutants into the soil.
  6. Accordions and sand cause steady infiltration, minimizing occurrence of sudden ponding on parent soil. This results in aerobic-anaerobic stability in soil and biodegrading bio-resistant pollutants in the effluent. Sudden soil ponding in other leach fields results in aerobic-anaerobic destabilization so that a bioresistant pollutants such as phenolic compounds move into the soil.
  7. Long term siltation, that can bring about failure in other leach fields, is prevented.
  8. Accordions, permitting shallower installation, provide greater evapotranspiration than occurs with the conventional stone leach or chamber leach fields because fabrics permit capillary flow and vapor transfer.
  9. The accordion fins are surrounded by sand. The external loads are carried by the sand.

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RUCK Accordion Installation Example

RUCK A installation photo RUCK A installation photo RUCK A installation photo
(Above) Set posts for stretching out the accordion on 6″ of spec. sand (Above) Layout first row (Above) Field or filter layout spacing as per design
RUCK A installation photo - using SCH 40 PVC solid pipe RUCK A installation photo
(Above) RUCK A Units using SCH 40 PVC solid pipe (Above) Vertical connect pipe

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