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Passive Wastewater Treatment

RUCK Passive Treatment Systems


Total Nitrogen Removal – Passively


Passive Wastewater Treatment ~ Documented Field Results

  • Fifty-five to Ninety Percent (55-90%) total nitrogen removal based upon design
  • Sixty to Eighty-five Percent (60-85%) BOD and TSS Removal
  • Sixty to Eighty-five Percent (60-85%) Phosphorus Removal
  • Ten thousand times (10,000) Bacteria Reduction
  • Greater color and odor reduction than standard septic system

Process Description Summary

Blackwater and kitchen drain wastewater contain most of the nitrogen from a home. The WC and K drains are directed through a standard septic tank followed by a sand filter. The nitrogen is treated in a sand filter, underground.

The treated nitrogen is now ready for denitrification in presence of greywater (laundry, showers, wash basins). Greywater septic tank effluent is combined with the sand filter effluent. This completes the process which is called: biological nitrogen removal process.

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